Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Other Direct3D Extensions (D3DX) Constants

Other Direct3D extensions (D3DX) constants include the following:

16-Bit Floating Point Numbers

D3DX_16F_DIG3Number of decimal digits of precision
D3DX_16F_EPSILON4.8875809e-4fSmallest such that 1.0 + epsilon != 1.0
D3DX_16F_MANT_DIG11Number of bits in mantissa
D3DX_16F_MAX6.5519996e+4fMaximum value
D3DX_16F_MAX_10_EXP4Maximum decimal exponent
D3DX_16F_MAX_EXP15Maximum binary exponent
D3DX_16F_MIN6.1035156e-5fMinimum positive value
D3DX_16F_MIN_10_EXP(-4)Minimum decimal exponent
D3DX_16F_MIN_EXP(-12)Minimum binary exponent
D3DX_16F_RADIX2Exponent radix
D3DX_16F_ROUNDS1Addition rounding: near

These #defines are declared in D3dx9math.h.

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