Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Control the compile options during a shader compile.

D3DXSHADER_DEBUGInsert debug filename and line number information during shader compile.
D3DXSHADER_SKIPVALIDATIONDo not validate the generated code against known capabilities and constraints. This option is recommended only when compiling shaders that are known to work (that is, shaders that have compiled before, without this option). Shaders are always validated by Microsoft?Direct3D?before they are set to the device.
D3DXSHADER_SKIPOPTIMIZATIONInstructs the compiler to skip optimization steps during code generation. This option is not recommended unless you are trying to isolate a code problem and you suspect the compiler. This option is valid only when calling D3DXCompileShader.

Constant Information

Minimum operating systemWindows 98

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