Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirect3D9::GetDeviceCaps Method

Retrieves device-specific information about a device.


HRESULT GetDeviceCaps(      

    UINT Adapter,     D3DDEVTYPE DeviceType,     D3DCAPS9 *pCaps );


[in] Ordinal number that denotes the display adapter. D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT is always the primary display adapter.
[in] Member of the D3DDEVTYPE enumerated type. Denotes the device type.
[out] Pointer to a D3DCAPS9 structure to be filled with information describing the capabilities of the device.

Return Value

If the method succeeds, the return value is D3D_OK.

If the method fails, the return value can be one of the following values.

D3DERR_INVALIDCALLThe method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter may have an invalid value.
D3DERR_INVALIDDEVICEThe requested device type is not valid.
D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORYDirect3D does not have enough display memory to perform the operation.


The application should not assume the persistence of vertex processing capabilities across Microsoft?Direct3D?device objects. The particular capabilities that a physical device exposes may depend on parameters supplied to IDirect3D9::CreateDevice. For example, the capabilities may yield different vertex processing capabilities before and after creating a Direct3D Device Object with hardware vertex processing enabled. For more information see the description of D3DCAPS9.

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