Microsoft DirectX 9.0


D3DDEVCAPS2 driver capability flags.

D3DDEVCAPS2_ADAPTIVETESSRTPATCHDevice supports adaptive tessellation of RT-patches
D3DDEVCAPS2_ADAPTIVETESSNPATCHDevice supports adaptive tessellation of N-patches.
D3DDEVCAPS2_CAN_STRETCHRECT_FROM_TEXTURESDevice supports IDirect3DDevice9::StretchRect using a texture as the source.
D3DDEVCAPS2_DMAPNPATCHDevice supports displacement maps for N-patches.
D3DDEVCAPS2_PRESAMPLEDDMAPNPATCHDevice supports presampled displacement maps for N-patches. For more information about displacement mapping, see Displacement Mapping.
D3DDEVCAPS2_STREAMOFFSETDevice supports stream offsets.
D3DDEVCAPS2_VERTEXELEMENTSCANSHARESTREAMOFFSETMultiple vertex elements can share the same offset in a stream if D3DDEVCAPS2_VERTEXELEMENTSCANSHARESTREAMOFFSET is set by the device and the vertex declaration does not have an element with D3DDECLUSAGE_POSITIONT0.

Constant Information

Minimum operating systemWindows 98

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