Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Registers - vs_1_1

This section contains reference information for the input and output registers implemented by vertex shader version 1_1. Vector elements are designated as x, y, z, w (or the r, g, b, a equivalents).

Input Registers

NameRegister typeCountData typeDimensionI/O permissionsRead portRead / InstructionRel-AddressDefaultsRequires DCL
a0address1integer4-D vector (1)write / use13nononeno
c#float constant96 (2)floating-point4-D vectordefine / read13a0.x(0, 0, 0, 0)no
r#temporary12floating-point4-D vectorwrite / read33nononeno
v#input16floating-point4-D vectorread13no(0, 0, 0, 1)yes

(1) In vs_1_1, though a0 is a 4-D vector, only the .x component can be referenced.

(2) 96 is the minimum c# register count required by vs_1_1. The D3DCAPS9.MaxVertexShaderConst cap contains the actual c# register count supported by the device.

See Input Registers.

Output Registers

NameRegister typeCountData typeDimensionI/O permissionsRel-AddressDefaultRequire DCL
oD#diffuse / specular (3)2floating-point4-D vectorwritenononeno
oPos (4)position1floating-point4-D vectorwritenononeno
oPtspoint size1floating-pointscalarwritenononeno
oT#texture coordinate8floating-point4-D vectorwritenononeno

(3) oD0 = diffuse color; oD1 = specular color.

(4) All four components of oPos must be written.

See Output Registers.

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