Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Mesh Viewer

The Mesh Viewer tool enables you to easily modify meshes.

Menu Descriptions

Mesh Viewer includes the menu item listed here.






Icons and Usage


Status Bar

The status bar in MView displays the current status of the visible geometry. The order from left to right of the displayed information is currently selected element (face or vertex only), Mesh mode (polygonor pMesh), display frames per second, display triangles per second, number of displayed triangles, and number of displayed vertices.

Scroll Bar

The scroll bar will appear in two of the three mesh modes, pMesh and N-patch mode. In pMesh mode, the scroll bar indicates the range of displayed triangles for the progressive mesh. You can slide the scroll bar up or down to change the number of triangles displayed. In N-patch mode, the scroll bar indicates how many N-patch levels are being used. As the scroll bar is moved up or down, the number of N-patch interactions performed are adjusted accordingly.

More Information

For more information about any of the functions used by MView, refer to the D3DX documentation included in the Microsoft DirectX® software development kit (SDK).

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