Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Confirming Pixel Shader Support

You can query members of D3DCAPS9 to determine the level of support for operations involving pixel shaders. The following table lists the device capabilities related to programmable pixel processing.

Device capabilityDescription
PixelShader1xMaxValueRange of values that can be stored in registers is [-PixelShader1xMaxValue, PixelShader1xMaxValue]. This affects versions ps_1_1 - ps_1_4 only.
MaxSimultaneousTexturesFor the fixed function pipeline, the number of texture samplers is MaxTextureBlendStages divided by MaxSimultaneousTextures. The number of texture samplers for a pixel shader is shown in the next table.
PixelShaderVersionVersion of pixel shader supported by the hardware. Pixel shaders with version numbers equal to or less than this value are supported.

The number of texture samplers available for a pixel shader depends on the pixel shader version.

Pixel shader versionNumber of texture samplers
ps_1_1 - ps_1_34 texture samplers
ps_1_46 texture samplers
ps_2_0 - ps_3_016 texture samplers
Fixed function pixel shaderMaxTextureBlendStages/MaxSimultaneousTextures texture samplers

The first byte of PixelShaderVersion contains the minor version number; the second byte contains the major version number. The first token in the assembled shader is the pixel shader version. Each hardware implementation sets the version number to indicate the maximum pixel shader version that it can fully support.

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