Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Sampler States

Sampler states control sampling related topics such as filtering, tiling, and addressing.

Sampling States

SetSamplerState sets the sampler state (including the one used in the tessellator unit to sample displacement maps). These have been renamed with a D3DSAMP_ prefix to enable compile time error detection when porting from Microsoft?DirectX?8.x. The states include:

In DirectX 9.0, there is support for up to 16 texture surfaces in one pass, using the pixel shader 2.0 model, yet the number of texture coordinates remains limited to 8. Some texture stage state is associated with surfaces, some with coordinate sets, some with vertex processing, and some with pixel processing. IDirect3DDevice9::SetSamplerState specifies texture filtering, tiling, clamping, MIPLOD, etc. This will work for up to 16 samplers.

Applications written in C++ control the characteristics of the texture-related sampling states by invoking the IDirect3DDevice9::SetSamplerState method. The D3DSAMPLERSTATETYPE enumerated type specifies the sampling states.

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