Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Line Drawing

Support for single-pixel-wide antialiased lines has been added to the existing support for single-pixel-wide aliased lines.

Setting the D3DRS_ANTIALIASEDLINEENABLE render state to TRUE enables line antialiasing. For the best performance, it is FALSE by default. This applies to triangles drawn in wireframe mode as well as line drawing primitive types. When rendering to a multisample render target, the render state is ignored and all lines are rendered aliased. (To achieve antialiased line rendering for multisample render targets, an application can use the Direct3D extensions (D3DX) antialiased line rendering support, which generates textured polygons.) See Direct3D Extentions (D3DX) Line Drawing.

Support for line patterns is removed. The D3DRS_LINEPATTERN render state is no longer supported.

API Changes

There is a new render state and a new caps bit.

    // New RenderState
    // Can be TRUE (nonzero) or FALSE (zero)

    // New capability bit

There are also some render states that are no longer supported.

    // Deleted: D3DRS_LINEPATTERN
	// Deleted: struct D3DLINEPATTERN

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