Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Hints and Tips

If you cannot see objects produced by Conv3ds.exe after loading them, use the scale option -s with a scale factor of approximately 100. This increases the scale of the objects in the .x file.

If, after loading the object into the viewer and switching from flat shading into Gouraud shading, the object turns dark gray, try converting with the -N option.

If the textures are not loaded after the object is converted, check whether the object is referencing either .ppm or .bmp files by using the -e option. Also check whether the texture widths and heights are a power of 2. Make sure the textures are stored in a directory in your D3DPATH.

Currently, Conv3ds.exe cannot handle dummy frames used in .3ds animations. It ignores them. However, it converts any child objects.

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